City of Champaign Partners with Champaign County Bikes

The City of Champaign in conjunction with Champaign County Bikes wants to alert the public to the installation of the new “3-Foot Bicycle Signs” throughout the community. There are currently 16 signs reminding drivers about the state law minimum three-foot passing distance by vehicles from bicycles. The minimum is required by motorists in all areas, not just in the locations where the signs are installed.

“These signs will provide an important reminder of a state law to drivers and further the goal of keeping bicycling safer” says Champaign County Bikes Board Member Peter Davis.

The Illinois Legislature passed the law mandating the minimum 3-foot passing distance in 2007. The signs are approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation and provided by Champaign County Bikes. The City of Champaign joins the Village of Savoy in becoming an area leader in motorist education and cyclist safety.

About Champaign County Bikes

The mission of Champaign County Bikes is to encourage and facilitate bicycling and walking as transportation and recreation, and to promote public awareness of the benefits that active transportation brings to our community.

Bicycle 3-Ft Clearance Sign