Champaign Police Installing Automated License Plate Readers

Webpage Launched to Promote Public Information

On May 2, 2022, Flock Group, Inc. started installation on Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) units for use by the Champaign Police Department. In total, 46 ALPR units will be installed throughout the community. The use of readers was authorized in the City of Champaign in December 2021 for a two-year trial period following their installation. Readers will be deployed throughout the City but use will primarily focus on areas that have experienced increased gun violence in recent years.

“Automated License Plate Readers will provide a powerful resource as the Champaign Police Department investigates serious crime and combats gun violence in our community,” said Interim Police Chief Thomas Petrilli. “This technology has the potential to be transformative in these efforts, aiding us with information to ensure thorough investigations are conducted and repeat offenders are brought to justice.”

To promote transparency on ALPR technology and its use in the community, the Champaign Police Department has launched a new webpage, The page includes details on ALPR technology, including how it works, Champaign Police Department policies regarding ALPR data use and answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, the page will provide access to the Flock Group, Inc. Transparency Portal for Champaign’s ALPR data, once the system goes online. This page will provide access to statistics and information on the data gathered by ALPRs in Champaign and its use by the Champaign Police Department.