Champaign Fire Department Will Be Conducting Ice Rescue Training

The Champaign Fire Department will be conducting ice rescue training January 31st and February 2nd and 4th, at Kaufman Lake, 2702 W. Springfield Avenue, Champaign. Fire department instructors will lead a scenario designed to simulate an ice rescue, reinforcing victim removal skills.

There will be three daily sessions beginning at 8:30 a.m. to allow for all on-duty crews to attend. Media is encouraged to attend and requested to call in advance. The Point of Contact for this training will be Captain JP Childers.

The Champaign Fire Department reminds residents to take these safety precautions when outdoors this winter:
• Wear appropriate outdoor clothing; layers of light, warm clothing, mittens, hats, scarves and waterproof boots
• Be aware of the wind chill factor and work slowly during outside chores
• Take a “buddy” and an emergency kit when you are participating in outdoor recreation
• Carry a cell phone or other means of communication