Traffic Control Order at the Intersection of University Avenue and New Street

A new Traffic Control Order was recently approved by the City Manager for implementation at the intersection of University Avenue and New Street.

This location has a high level of pedestrian traffic, mostly related to Central High School, located at the northeast corner of this intersection.  There is an eastbound MTD bus stop located along the south side of University, just west of the intersection.

To help improve pedestrian safety, MTD plans to move their bus stop from the west side of New Street, along the south side of University Avenue, to the east side of the intersection.  To facilitate that move, the City will eliminate two parking spaces along the south side of University Avenue, just east of New Street.  To help improve visibility in the area, the City will also eliminate single parking spaces on the north and south sides of University Avenue just west of New Street.  New “No Parking to Corner” signs/posts will be installed at all locations.

Prior to implementing the Traffic Control Order, City staff spoke with residents impacted by the changes.

Map-University and New TCO