Neighborhood Small Grant Program Helping to Keep Children Safe

Collage of pictures of children playing along with a "children at play" signResidents in the Martin Luther King (MLK) Subdivision had concerns about motorists speeding in the area and contacted the City for ways to help mediate speeding, especially when children are playing outside. MLK neighborhood group leaders consulted with Neighborhood Services and Public Works to determine what types of signs to use and how they might be installed. After staff suggestions, group leaders completed their small grant application and were approved to purchase temporary folding signs that can be placed near streets when children are playing and can be stored when children are not outside.

MLK neighborhood group leaders noted that the signs have been well received by neighbors who are excited about being collectively involved in the morning placement and nightly storage of the signs. They have also had inquiries about the signs from residents of other neighborhoods who have stopped to find out where they could get them for their own neighborhoods. The signs have had an immediate positive impact as neighbors have reported noticing some slowing in traffic along Fourth Street and throughout the neighborhood.

Small Grant funds are available to all neighborhood groups registered with the City for to assist with costs for eligible neighborhood-based activities.