New Episode of The Mayor Feinen Podcast Features Goal Getters Program

The latest episode of The Mayor Feinen Podcast was released on April 2, 2021, and features an engaging discussion about the Goal Getters program. Goal Getters is a program that provides academic and behavioral guidance, mentorship, social emotional learning opportunities, family focused activities and positive community experiences to a select group of Unit 4 high school students. In the podcast, Mayor Feinen talks with the program’s facilitator Sheldon Turner, program participant Corey Barnes, and Corey’s mother, Katrina Jones. Learn about how the Goal Getters program works and why students and their families say it has had such a positive impact on their lives.

The audio podcast is available on most popular podcast sites (i.e. Apple, Spotify) and on the City’s podcast webpage.  A video recording of the discussion can also be viewed on Vimeo.