The Champaign Fire Department Hosts the Annual Edward M. Hoffman Awards and Pinning Ceremony

On Thursday, February 25, at 7:00 p.m., the Champaign Fire Department will virtually debut the annual Edward M. Hoffman Awards and Pinning Ceremony. This event honors devoted residents and members of Ambulance Services, Champaign Firefighters, and Champaign Police Officers that have displayed exemplary service to those they serve and protect.

The virtual ceremony will be released simultaneously on the City of Champaign’s Facebook page (@ChampaignCity), the Fire Department’s Facebook page (@ChampaignFire) and on Champaign Government Television (CGTV).

This year two firefighters will receive the Department’s 2nd highest award, the Medal of Valor. Firefighter Josh Plese and Lieutenant Jason Rector will receive this honor for their efforts to rescue two fire victims.

For a complete list of those receiving an award or being pinned, please contact the Champaign Fire Department at (217) 403-7200.