Gary Gula Promoted to Deputy Fire Chief of Operations

Champaign Fire Chief Gary Ludwig is pleased to announce that Gary Gula has been appointed to the Deputy Fire Chief of Operations. Gula previously served as Battalion Chief of Training and now oversees the Suppression and Training Divisions of the Fire Department. The Suppression Division consists of 105 suppression personnel who staff Champaign’s six fire stations. He has been with the department since 1989. Prior to his appointment to Deputy Chief of Operations, he held the ranks of Firefighter, Engineer, Lieutenant, Captain, and Battalion Chief.

Gula is a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the Illinois Fire Chiefs, and the Central Illinois Fire Chiefs Association. He is a certified Incident Safety Officer and a member of the Fire Department Safety Officers Association.

Grant Gula, Gary’s son, had the honor of pinning on his father’s new badge. Grant Gula is also a Champaign Firefighter.