Champaign Police Releases Investigation into July 25, 2020 Washington Street Incident

The Champaign Police Department has concluded its investigation into an incident reported on Washington Street outside of the former local business, Rogue Barbershop, involving a vehicle and a group of protestors.

On Sept. 25, 2020, following a comprehensive investigation that included numerous interviews, examination of protestor and third-party videos, and additional analysis of evidence from the incident, Champaign Police turned over the investigative findings to the Champaign County States Attorney’s Office to determine if criminal charges should be filed. On Oct. 2, 2020, the State’s Attorney’s Office informed the City they had declined to file state criminal charges against the truck’s driver for the following reasons:


  • Evidence shows that the driver was driving slowly away from the scene;
  • One of the protestors put their bike in the way of the truck; and
  • Other protestors converged on the truck, pounded on the truck, and put themselves in front of the vehicle rather than moving away.


In addition, four other police reports were submitted to the State’s Attorney’s Office regarding vandalism and threats made to Rogue Barbershop and the business owner. The State’s Attorney’s Office declined to file criminal charges against any of the individuals in connection with these other incidents.

Due to the public’s interest in this case and in keeping with the City’s commitment to transparency, the police reports and videos collected during this investigation are available for public review on the City’s website at Where required by law, private information has been redacted from these materials.

The City of Champaign will not be pursuing ordinance violations in relation to this incident and now considers this matter administratively closed. The City thanks the public for its patience while the investigation was underway.