City Court Update

The City Court Team has been hard at work back in court this summer. The first-ever City Court “Zoom” arraignment was held in May, to speed up the timeline of a case where dogs had been impounded right before COVID-19 caused the Courthouse to close. Since June, the Team has been back for in-person proceedings at the Courthouse.

Several measures have been taken by the Courthouse to promote social distancing, including rearranging seating and tables as well as limiting the number of people that can be in the room. Previously, several hundred people were scheduled to appear at each City Court date, which was typically held once per week. Now, the court has instructed that only 10 to 15 individuals can be scheduled per half-hour on each City Court date. The City Court Team has scheduled multiple court dates per week for the remainder of the year to accommodate this change. The City Court Team continues to work with individuals to extend out payment dates, modify payment agreements, and schedule new court dates based on personal circumstances.