City of Champaign Announces Additional Service Alterations

Today, the City of Champaign announced additional service changes to promote social distancing and to proactively support the prevention and management of COVID-19. Changes are temporary, and an announcement will be made once the City is able to return to normal business.

The Neighborhood Programs Division (Neighborhood Services Department) is suspending all new applications for housing rehabilitation programs except for cases involving life safety concerns. (i.e. lack of heat, sewer line backup into home). In addition, all rehabilitation projects in progress will be suspended. Applications that do not meet the life safety criteria will be logged for potential processing once the City returns to normal operations.  Residents should be prepared for a small delay in the process once this service resumes.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Neighborhood Services Department at [email protected] or 217-403-7070.

The Legal Department is extending cases due to the recent Administrative Order issued by Circuit Judge Thomas J. Difanis and COVID-19 Precautionary memo from Associate Judge Anna M. Benjamin postponing most proceedings at the Champaign County Courthouse. It is important to note no warrants will be issued by the court and no penalties will be imposed by the City during this time. Court-ordered payments are still in effect. Letters will be mailed to those individuals with current scheduled dates that are being postponed.  This includes Champaign ordinance violation cases.

For full information, including dates affected by the postponement, visit the City Legal Department webpage at For further questions contact the City Legal Department at [email protected] or  217-403-8765.

The Public Works Department has implemented the following changes in relation to requests for service – contact Public Works at 217-403-4700 or by email to [email protected] for any Staff will respond to you as soon as available. Calls and emails will be monitored throughout the day and relayed to an on-call supervisor, who will dispatch staff as needed..

The Parking Programs Division (Public Works) is suspending the enforcement of requiring drivers to pay for parking in Champaign at:

  • hourly parking at parking meters on the street;
  • parking meters in lots;
  • hourly lots with parking pay stations, and;
  • hourly parking in the Hill Street Parking Deck.


This will remain in place until April 30, 2020. This does not apply to parking lots governed by parking permits. Local, state, and federal parking restrictions will still be in effect and citations could be issued for other parking infractions, such as parking in a prohibited area, parking in a handicapped space, and parking the wrong way on a one-way street. Full information can be found in the Administrative Order located on the City’s website.

The City reminds the public to visit for the latest City of Champaign Emergency Orders, suspensions, service changes and updates. We continue to thank the community for its patience and understanding as we work through these challenges together.