City of Champaign Announces Curbside Pickup Zones and Packaged Alcohol Delivery

Today, in response to the Governor’s executive order restricting on-premise consumption of food and beverage, Mayor Feinen executed two emergency orders. First, to allow for temporary curbside pickup zones in downtown Champaign to help continue food and beverage services. Next, to allow qualified bars and restaurants to deliver packaged alcohol.

On Monday, March 16, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker released an executive order stating businesses that offer food or beverages for on-premises consumption – including restaurants, bars, grocery stores and food halls – must suspend services for in-person dining. However, the Executive Order allows these businesses to continue serving via drive-through, curbside pickup, and delivery services.



Patrons in Champaign are now able to order and pay for a product online or by phone and have it delivered to their vehicle in designated curbside pickup locations without penalty for parking. The City will provide parking meter covers to reserve spaces within the downtown curbside pickup zones for the exclusive purposes of allowing customers to pick up pre-placed to-go curbside orders. Patrons should park in the property adjacent to the business. Curbside pickup locations are properly marked for residents and visitors.

Please view the order by clicking here.



Licensed bars and restaurants will now be able to deliver alcohol that is in its original, sealed packaging for off-site, legal consumption. State of Illinois-approved Growlers and containers may also be filled and sealed for purchase. Individual alcoholic beverages, unless in original, sealed packaging, cannot be ordered “to go.”

The Mayor’s Office has sent a notice of this order to all qualifying liquor licensees who have placed an email address on file with the Liquor Commissioners Office.

The City of Champaign encourages our citizens to continue shopping at all all our local businesses through curbside pickup, online or gift card purchases at your favorite establishment.

Please view the order by clicking here.

Media Contact:

Kris Koester, Interim Communications Manager | 217-403-4700