Public Works Shares May Service Requests

Citizens and Staff submitted 561 total requests during May 2019.  This was an increase from April’s 327 calls.  The chart below tracks the number of requests recorded each day by staff.  As you see, the number of calls spiked after the tornado struck Champaign on May 26.

May service requests by date

Citizens using the mobile phone application, SeeClickFix, reported 40 (7 percent) issues.

May service requests by section

The Forestry Section responded to 42 percent of service requests.  Second was the Sewer Section with 29 percent.  The Asphalt Section came in third with 12 percent.  The most frequent request was to pick up tree branches on right-of-ways, with 98 (17 percent) requests.  Second place was pothole repairs with 54 (10 percent) requests.  Third place was storm damaged tree(s) with 43 (8 percent) requests.