Property Maintenance Staff Provides Update on West Kirby Avenue Vacant Structure

Due to outstanding code violations including boarded doors and windows, a property on West Kirby Avenue became subject to the requirements of the vacant nuisance residential buildings ordinance.  Failure of the property owner to comply with the ordinance resulted in the case being forwarded to the City Legal Department for litigation.  As a result of a February 12 court hearing, Property Maintenance Inspector Cliff Peete met with the property owner on site to document the progress being achieved in rehabilitation of the structure.

Inspector Peete documented the progress achieved thus far and reviewed with the owner the remaining deficiencies to be addressed to bring the property into compliance.  This includes removal of the securing boards from the doors and windows.  Many of the deficiencies already corrected required permits from the City of Champaign.  These permits have received final inspection approvals from the Building Safety Division.

Upon conclusion of the reinspection, the property owner was reminded of the amount of time the City has allowed to bring the property into compliance, but based on the significant progress already achieved, an extension was approved, and the next court hearing is scheduled for April 22.  It is hopeful the property owner will be nearing completion by that date.

Vacant structure on West Kirby Avenue