Code Compliance Staff Issues Condemnation of Uninhabitable Space

On February 7, 2019, Property Maintenance Inspectors Cliff Peete and Robert Simmons responded to a referral from the Champaign Fire Department due to observations made when responding to a call for service. During the property maintenance inspection, the property owner was present, and inspectors discovered there were no smoke or carbon monoxide detectors located inside the residence.  Since the lack of this required equipment is a serious detriment to life safety, the  inspectors immediately installed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to meet code requirements.

Upon further investigation, inspectors found one of the upstairs bedrooms where a tenant was living did not have ventilation to provide heat to the bedroom. The bedroom was located off the porch area and the tenant was utilizing a space heater as the primary source of heat.  The bedroom where the tenant was living had clothing strewn about that could possibly come in contact with the space heater and cause a potential fire. Due to the cold temperature outside, the inspectors informed the property owner that the room could not be used as habitable space and must be vacated.  After being informed of this, the property owner relocated the tenant to another bedroom that had adequate heat and ventilation.

In addition, the inspectors observed several deficiencies that made the basement unfit for habitation resulting in a condemnation notice being issued. The violations included a ceiling that does not meet the minimum height requirement of the code and the basement bedrooms windows do not meet the emergency egress and rescue requirements of the code.

Inadequate Basement Ceiling Height

Inadequate Basement Ceiling Height

Basement Bedroom Windows Lack Emergency Egress Requirements

Basement window lacking necessary egressBasement window lacking necessary egress