New Online Tool Provides Convenient, Online Access to Champaign’s Financial Data

The City of Champaign is pleased to announce the launch of the Financial Transparency Portal, a new online resource which provides expanded and convenient access to the City’s financial information.  This new tool is now available for the public to explore via the City’s website at

The Financial Transparency Portal provides residents with easy, online access to detailed information about City revenues and expenditures.  The Financial Transparency Portal allows users to easily search and view City expenditures by category, department, fund, function, and vendor.  The Financial Transparency Portal includes financial data for the current fiscal year (FY 2018-19).  As information is entered into the system in future years, the Financial Transparency Portal will serve as a searchable, historical archive of revenues and expenditures.

“The City is pleased to offer expanded public access to the City’s financial records through this new online tool,” said Carrie Siems, Financial Services Manager/City Accountant.  “Residents will be able to review every level of City expenditure from total spending by fiscal year down to individual vendor payments.  The Financial Transparency Portal makes it quick and easy for residents to review the City’s financial records.”

Implementation of the Financial Transparency Portal fulfills a City Council Goal to add expanded financial information to the City’s website.  In addition to City of Champaign financial data, the Financial Transparency Portal also provides access to financial information for the Champaign Public Library, METCAD 9-1-1, and the City of Champaign Township.

Media Contact: Carrie Siems, 217-403-8940, [email protected]