This Halloween, The Champaign Police Department Reminds Drivers to Click It or Ticket

This Halloween, the Champaign Police Department is teaming up with the Illinois State Police and local law enforcement across the state for a high-visibility Click It or Ticket campaign to work toward reducing the number of fatalities that occur when vehicle passengers fail to buckle up.

Halloween can increase traffic with more vehicles on the roads traveling to and from parties and other festivities. For this reason, the Champaign Police Department will be patrolling the streets and looking for unbuckled passengers. If we spot you, we will pull you over and issue a ticket.

The Click It or Ticket campaign is designed to save lives by making sure all drivers and passengers get the message to wear their seat belts. The campaign combines powerful messages about seat belt safety with increased patrolling for all unbuckled motorists.

“Wearing a seat belt is the single most effective thing to help prevent you from injury or death in a vehicle crash,” said Sgt. Geoff Coon. “This Halloween, we’ll be out in full force to ensure drivers and passengers alike are buckled up as they travel to their and from their destinations. Those disobeying the law will be pulled over and ticketed.”

“Every day, we see the effects of unbuckled vehicle crashes,” Coon continued. “Whether you’re driving cross-country or across the street, you must wear your seat belt. This Halloween and every day of the year, remember: Click It or Ticket.”

The Halloween enforcement effort is made possible by federal traffic safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation.