Dockless Bike Share Service Launches in Champaign-Urbana

Champaign residents have a new way to get around town with the launch of dockless bike share. Rather than requiring riders to hunt for a fixed docking station when they’re done with a bike, dockless bike share lets riders park right by their destination, so long as there’s a legal and safe place to do so. Some great places to park your dockless bike include:
  • At a bike rack
  • In or near bike parking at stores, restaurants, and apartment buildings
  • On the sidewalk, provided you don’t block ramps, doorways, driveways, or the main walking path
  • In the street next to the curb on blocks where there are available parking spaces
The first dockless bike share company licensed to operate in Champaign is VeoRide. You can learn more about how their service works on their website –
If residents see a dockless bike that is parked improperly, contact the company using the contact information on the bike as the company is obligated to move it. You can also submit requests or comments to the City’s Planning and Development Department at [email protected] or 217-403-8800.