Neighborhood Services Implements New Communication Techniques

The Neighborhood Services Department is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of existing structures in the community through the enforcement of property maintenance codes and coordination of efforts to achieve compliance with the City’s blight and nuisance abatement programs. Often residents are unaware of Champaign property code requirements. Rather than sending a violation notice to residents who may have never violated a code in the past, the Neighborhood Services Department recently introduced an informational card. The info card will be used in situations where no previous code violations have been identified at the property, informing the resident of an observed property maintenance concern. The info card will provide time for the resident to address the concern and offer an opportunity for a discussion with a property maintenance inspector. If the issue is not resolved within the time provided, an official Notice of Violation may be issued.

Property Maintenance Inspectors will also be utilizing “Job Well Done” cards to highlight properties that are maintained in an exceptional manner. This will provide an opportunity for those property owners to be recognized for the outstanding job they are doing. These cards may also be sent at the end of a code compliance case when all violations are corrected without hesitancy by the resident.