Dr. Howard School at Columbia School – Crosswalk

Update on Dr. Howard School at Columbia School (crosswalk)

During the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years, Dr. Howard School will be located in the former Columbia School building at the intersection of Bradley Avenue and Neil Street.  In order to facilitate orderly drop off and pick up of students, the City worked with the School District to develop a plan for picking up and dropping off students.  While the plan was effective, many parents found it to be more convenient to park west of the school and walk their students to and from the drop off area.  This meant there was a high number of pedestrians attempting to cross Randolph Street near Beardsley Avenue.  To assist the pedestrians, Champaign Police reassigned a crossing guard to that intersection.  To make the crossing even more safe, Public Works will be adding high visibility pavement markings and School Crossing signage at that location.