Who Is Responsible for Graffiti Abatement in Champaign?

Graffiti is unsightly vandalism that, left unattended, sends the signal that nobody cares, often attracting other forms of criminal mischief.  It can also decrease a resident’s feeling of safety in their neighborhood. Research indicates the most effective way to prevent graffiti is to report it and remove it promptly.

When graffiti appears on publicly owned property, the City takes the lead in corrective measures to ensure the graffiti is removed.  However, removal of graffiti on privately owned property is the responsibility of the property owner.  It should be addressed immediately before the paint has fully cured for easier removal.  There are many products and techniques available to remove unwanted graffiti.  Many stores that sell paint products can often offer advice for graffiti removal. Unfortunately, when not immediately removed from private property by the property owner, a Code Compliance case could be initiated.

The Neighborhood Services Department responded to a citizen complaint of graffiti on a brick wall of a residential property in July 2018.  A Notice to Abate was issued to the property owner, requiring them to remove the graffiti from the structure.  The property owner tried many techniques to remove the spray-painted graffiti from the brick surface without success.  Painting the entire wall was not a viable option, so the owner came up with a creative solution that resolved the issue.  The owner painted over the graffiti one brick at a time to preserve the integrity of the “brick look.”  Their cooperative effort to address this concern is greatly appreciated.