City Removes Hazardous Tree

On August 9, 2018, a Neighborhood Services Department inspector observed a huge section had broken off a tree located at 1515 Holly Hill in the Garden Hills neighborhood.  The City of Champaign had acquired a Judicial Deed to the property in 2015 through a code compliance legal process and demolished the residential structure in 2016.  At that time all the trees on the property appeared healthy and sound. The inspector consulted with the City’s Forestry Division regarding the condition of the tree on the lot.  Forestry staff determined the tree was hazardous and needed to be removed.  Based on the structure of the tree, how it had previously failed, and the proximity to a neighboring structure, a contractor was hired to remove the tree. On August 10, 2018, Forestry hired a contractor to remove the hazardous tree, which was removed the same day. The Public Works and Neighborhood Services Departments will share the cost to remove the hazard.