Champaign Police Provide Information Regarding Employee Arrest

The Champaign Police Department provides the following information in response to an arrest involving a Department employee.

Last night, the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office arrested 43-year-old Justus Clinton of Fisher as the suspect in a string of burglaries that have recently occurred in that community.

Clinton, who has been employed with the City of Champaign for 14 years as a police officer, was placed on Administrative Leave on March 13, 2018, for violations unrelated to his arrest. Clinton subsequently entered into a Separation and Release Agreement with the City of Champaign on May 8, in lieu of termination.

The Champaign County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation into Justus Clinton’s arrest. The Champaign Police Department will be fully cooperative with law enforcement officials’ requests for information, however, will not be directly involved in the investigative process.