Illegal Dumping

On April 4, 2018, Property Maintenance Inspector Kim Burnett observed several discarded mattresses in a commercial parking lot on North Prospect. Burnett visited with the property manager and provided a 24-hour Notice to Abate. The property manager indicated the mattresses did not originate from their business and were illegally discarded on the property. Burnett provided some suggestions to discourage this from recurring including the possibility of surveillance cameras, motion detection lights or fencing. The property manager was unreceptive and indicated that wouldn’t help the situation. Burnett informed him of his responsibilities to remove the mattresses or the City would proceed to abate the nuisance with the associated costs and administrative fees billed to the property owner.

On April 5, 2018, Burnett returned to the property and observed the mattresses had been removed. Unfortunately, Burnett discovered the mattresses had only been moved a few properties over onto another person’s property. Burnett compared photographs taken at both locations and confirmed they were the same mattresses. Upon making this discovery, Burnett requested assistance from Champaign Police. The responding officer agreed the mattresses were indeed the same. In addition, a neighboring resident stated they had witnessed someone dumping the mattresses the previous evening and knew where they had originated from. Unfortunately, the resident was unable to provide a license plate number of the vehicle. The police officer spoke with the property manager about the situation. The property manager refused to retrieve the mattresses and dispose of them properly, stating the mattresses were illegally dumped on his property and he wasn’t going to remove them. The officer proceeded to issue the property manager a $250 citation.

On April 6, 2018, Burnett returned to the vacant lot and observed the mattresses had not been removed. After consulting with the Code Compliance Manager and City Legal Department, Burnett proceeded to issue a work order to a contractor to remove and properly dispose of the mattresses. The associated costs and administrative fees will be billed to the owner of the property where the mattresses were originally observed.

Residents that witness illegal dumping or properties with accumulations of prohibited outdoor storage are encouraged to get as much information as possible and to contact the City’s Neighborhood Services Department at 217-403-7070. Callers can remain anonymous when providing this information.