Finance Department Gathers Public Input About Food Trucks

The City of Champaign has licensed Mobile Food Trucks as a separate transient merchant license category since June 2012.  Food trucks are licensed to operate within designated locations in Downtown and Campustown.  Since their operation began, various concerns have been raised regarding food trucks, including operating locations, noise from generators and speakers, debris from patrons, safety issues, and the general impact of food trucks on brick and mortar restaurants.  To provide an opportunity for the public to share their thoughts and concerns about food truck operations, Finance Department staff conducted a public input session in Council Chambers on February 19.

The session was audio recorded for minute-taking purposes.  Since the meeting, several people have requested a copy of that recording.  In order to provide equal access to everyone, the complete, unedited audio recording is now available via the City’s website.

Play/download the audio recording