City of Champaign Reminder of Sidewalk Snow Removal for Campus and Downtown

With winter weather approaching, the City of Champaign would like to remind owners of properties located within the University District and the Downtown area that they are responsible for removing snow, ice, sleet or freezing rain from the sidewalks adjacent to their properties. The ordinance applies when accumulations are 2” or greater. The City of Champaign Public Works Director will make a declaration when the ordinance is in effect. Property owners will then have 48 hours to clear a path the width of the sidewalk or 48”, whichever is less. If an owner has a property at a corner location, the owner is also responsible for removing the snow, ice, sleet or freezing rain from the accessible ramps so that pedestrian access is provided from block to block. 

The Neighborhood Code Compliance Division encourages property owners to begin clearing the sidewalks immediately following an event, rather than waiting the allowable 48 hours. This ensures greater safety for pedestrians. The more time that passes, the greater the chance that the existing snow will be trampled and become ice and therefore hazardous. 

A map of the designated area, along with more information about the Neighborhood Code Compliance Division, can be found on the City’s web site at

Media Contact: David Oliver, Code Compliance Manager | Neighborhood Services Department | (217) 403-7070