Residential Exterior Rehabilitation Program

The City has closed on its first four Residential Exterior Rehab Projects. Additionally, there are six other homes approved and in process of closing and ten additional in the application pipeline.

The first four homes are all located in the Garden Hills Neighborhood and include two garage repairs, a new roof, and a new driveway. Two of the clients used their own funds to pay the 50/50 match requirement and two of the clients were able to borrow all or some of their match requirement through the City’s partnership with Justine PETERSEN. Of the first four, the average project cost is $7,250.

The Residential Exterior Rehab Program provides 50/50 matching funds to help eligible homeowners make exterior beautification repairs to their home. Eligible clients must live in an approved target area – currently Planning Areas 1, 2 and 8 – and have a household income of less than 120% of the median family income. Funds are still available and the Neighborhood Services Department is actively taking applications. For more information or for an application, please contact the Neighborhood Services Department at 403-7070.