Council, City Manager’s Office Kicks off 2017 Champaign City Government 101 Academy

Neighborhood Coordination staff launched the third annual Champaign City Government 101 (CCG-101) Academy on Monday September 11. During the opening session, Council Members and staff from the City Manager’s Office (CMO), Mayor’s Office, and Community Relations provided an overview of their departmental goals and objectives.  They discussed the roles of CMO staff in the overall management of the organization and interpreting the policy directives of the City Council. In addition to CMO staff participation, City Council members also attended, including Deputy Mayor Tom Bruno, who provided opening remarks and a welcome to the CCG-101 students. Council Members Greg Stock (CCG-101 grad), Matthew Gladney, Clarissa Fourman, Alicia Beck, and Mayor Feinen were also on hand for the presentation and to welcome the class.