Clothing Collection Bins Becoming A Nuisance

Numerous complaints have been received by Neighborhood Services Department staff regarding clothing collection bins on commercial properties in the North Prospect and North Neil shopping areas.  A major issue was identified at the corner of Marketview Dr. and N. Market St. behind the shopping center.  Along with overflow of clothes and shoes, the location became a dumping ground for couches and other furniture, tires, electronics and rubbish. Property Maintenance Inspector Robert Simmons attempted contact with the company listed on the bin with no success.  A violation notice was issued to the property owner where the bins were located and successful contact was made with the property management company to address the issue.  It was discovered in this and several several other cases that the property owners were not contacted, nor had they granted permission to place these bins on their properties.  Through contact and cooperation of the property owner, the issue was abated at this location.  In cases of these bins on commercial properties, Neighborhood Code Compliance staff only addresses these as a public nuisance when they begin to overflow into the lots or attract illegal dumping around the collection bin.  The property owner has a right to remove them from the property if they choose.