Code Compliance Staff Inspects, Condemns Unsafe Structure Following Vehicle Impact

Property Maintenance Inspector Cliff Peete responded to a referral from the Champaign Fire Department regarding a vehicle that caused significant damage to a residential rental dwelling unit. Due to damage from the impact to appliances, the electric and gas utilities were disconnected by the Champaign Fire Department after the incident occurred. On June 20,  Peete met with maintenance personnel and observed the following deficiencies which made the property unfit for habitation and resulted in it being condemned for occupancy:

  • The water heater was severely damaged from impact of vehicle.
  • The furnace unit sustained damaged due to impact from vehicle.
  • The wall located between the garage and interior portion of the structure leading into kitchen was severely damaged.
  • The kitchen door frame and jamb sustained major damage.
  • The garage door frame and jamb sustained major damage.
  • The lower pane of the overhead garage door was damaged and covered with plywood.

The property will remain condemned for occupancy until repairs are completed and proper inspections have been conducted.