Bristol Place House Move

On May 8, 2017, the City sold 56 E Garwood, located within the Bristol Park Neighborhood Plan area (Garwood Area Addition), to Aaron Fenter, owner of Fenter Machinery. Fenter is a demolition contractor working in the Bristol Place neighborhood and was in the process of demolishing a group of homes in Bristol Place when he presented a proposal to the Neighborhood Services Department regarding one of the newer homes on Bellefontaine Street included in his demolition contract.

Fenter’s proposal included paying the City the fair market value for the City-owned vacant lot at 56 E Garwood, and then moving the home that he was contracted to demolish to that lot. The sale did not require Council approval because it meets the goal regarding infill housing in the Bristol Park Neighborhood Plan and was less than $17,500.

Fenter is responsible for the complete removal of the home and all aspects of the house move, including permits and bonding. His plan is to make necessary repairs to the structure after it is moved and installed on a new foundation, then to sell the property and recoup his investment. This meets multiple City goals, including: infill development, fewer materials sent to the landfill, and continued implementation of the Bristol Place Phase I activities. The risk for the house move and subsequent sale is borne by Fenter.  The City will pay out on his demolition contract once he has successfully removed the home from the lot and prepared it to the demolition contract specifications. The house move is anticipated within the next few weeks, with the demolition completed within 45 days.