Champaign Community Coalition Hosts 11th Screening & Discussion of Racial Taboo

The Champaign Community Coalition, in partnership with the McKinley Presbyterian Foundation, sponsored a free screening of the documentary ‘Racial Taboo’ on Sunday, March 12 at McKinley Presbyterian Church in Champaign. There were 211 people in attendance for this screening, as well as the film’s producer, Brian Grimm of Wilmington, NC.

Used in similar viewing events around the country, the film’s true power is realized when it is watched collectively by people of diverse racial backgrounds, followed by a discussion about the film and how it makes audience members feel. Racial Taboo is intended to be a catalyst for open, respectful, and ongoing conversations between people of different races. The film’s trailer can be viewed at

The Community Coalition and its partners hope that those attending these events will continue to engage in ongoing discussions and help work towards unifying the community. This was the community’s eleventh showing, and discussion groups from prior screenings are continuing to meet to discuss important issues about race.

The Community Coalition understands the urgency of identifying solutions and addressing the community’s most challenging social and economic issues, which often revolve around race.