Administrative Search Warrant – 1401 N. Champaign

Administrative Search Warrant –
1401 N. Champaign

On March 9,  at 9:30 am, an administrative search warrant was executed to evaluate the interior condition of the single family residential structure located at 1401 N. Champaign. The inspection was conducted by Rehabilitation Technician Joe Lewis and Property Maintenance Inspector Cliff Peete. The purpose was to evaluate if the structure was feasible for rehabilitation or demolition. The inspection revealed the ceiling throughout the house has sustained water damage and sections are severely damaged. There is exposed electrical wiring throughout the house and plumbing for the water heater has been cut and removed. The entire house had been ransacked and sink countertops, vanity cabinet assemblies for the kitchen and bathroom have been vandalized. An accumulation of junk, debris and discarded furniture was located and strewn about throughout the entire house. Holes were observed in walls and flooring due to animal intrusion inside the structure. The house is also exhibiting structural deficiencies as well. Neighborhood Services will further evaluate other structures in the same block to establish a mean value and use this figure to compare with the estimated cost of rehabilitation. This is one criteria in considering rehabilitation as an alternative to demolition.