City Staff attends RNNC Steering Committee Meeting, Sees Praise for 2016 Conference

Neighborhood Coordination Staff in the Neighborhood Services Department attended a meeting of the Regional Neighborhood Network Conference (RNNC) Executive Steering Committee held in Evansville on January 19 – 20. The meeting was hosted by the City of Evansville and provided an opportunity for representatives from RNNC member cities to provide technical assistance and input regarding the proposed plans for the upcoming 2017 RNNC, which will be held October 4 – 5.

Representatives from eight member cities participated in the Executive Steering Committee meeting. In addition to the planning status update provided by the host city, those in attendance also discussed the 2016 RNNC and provided positive feedback to Champaign and Urbana representatives for the outstanding 2016 RNNC. The opening Police community forum and the diversity of workshop content were considered highlights by the member city representatives.