Champaign Fire Department Receives Coveted ISO Class 1 Rating

The City of Champaign is proud to announce that the Champaign Fire Department was awarded a Class 1 Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating today by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). ISO is an organization that independently evaluates fire-protection efforts in communities across the United States.

An ISO Class 1 rating is the highest rating possible and ranks the Champaign Fire Department among the nation’s best. Of 48,632 fire departments evaluated nationwide, Champaign is one of only 179 fire departments awarded a Class 1 ISO rating, putting it in the top 0.37 percent. Only five other fire departments in the state of Illinois currently hold this coveted top rating.

“This Class 1 rating is a direct reflection of the level of hard work and dedication shown by our Firefighters, Inspectors, Educators, and Telecommunicators that come to work every day delivering outstanding service to our citizens, students, and visitors.” said Fire Chief Gary Ludwig. “The ability to provide this current outstanding service is possible thanks to the continued support of the Champaign City Council, City staff, and our wonderful community.”

“Being recognized with a top ISO rating is proof that the Champaign Fire Department is among the nation’s best,” said Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen. “I applaud and thank all those who made this amazing accomplishment possible.”

ISO collects information on communities and analyzes the data using its Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. This Fire Suppression Rating Schedule evaluates four primary categories of fire suppression – fire department, emergency communications, water supply, and community risk reduction. Class 1 generally represents superior fire protection, and class 10 indicates that the area’s fire-suppression program doesn’t meet ISO’s minimum standards. ISO’s Public Protection Classification can play an important part in an insurer’s decisions when underwriting property insurance. This improved rating will be published December 2016.

Contact:  Randy Smith, Deputy Fire Marshal | 217-403-7212