Temporary Traffic Control Changes in Downtown



On July 22, the City of Champaign implemented temporary traffic control changes in downtown to accommodate larger crowds and provide for pedestrian safety during 40 North’s Friday Night Live event. Starting this Friday, August 5, the traffic signal and Neil and Main will not be on flash as in the past two weeks.

The following safety features will remain in place:

  • Orange warning flags will be placed at the crosswalk on Neil St. mid-block between Main St. and Hill St.; the pedestrian crossing from the M2 building and the One Main plaza. These flags will remain in place.
  • Message boards will be placed at the intersection of Neil St. and Washington St. and on Church St. to the west of Neil St. These boards will alert vehicles of the event and increased pedestrian traffic.
  • No right turns will be allowed from Neil St. onto Park St. from 5:30 p.m. until after the event is over.
  • No through traffic will be allowed on Park St. from 5:30 p.m. until after the event is over, traffic will be blocked on Park St. just east of the entrance to the Busey Bank parking lot.
  • Champaign Police Department will have two officers patrolling the area of Neil St. to ensure pedestrian safety and encourage safe vehicular travel.
  • Crowd racking will be placed in two locations along Neil St. south of Main St. to encourage pedestrians to remain on the sidewalk and to use crosswalks instead of crossing midblock.
  • Additional traffic cones and signage will be present through the corridor to provide additional visual cues for traffic to slow down.

The City appreciates the cooperation of travelers and pedestrians through the Downtown area and encourages the use of caution when high levels of multi-modal traffic is present.