Avenue Building Slated for Court Ordered Auction

auctionThe Avenue Building, located at the southeast corner of Water and University Avenue, will be auctioned off at a court ordered auction on July 14, 2016.  The City’s Planning and Development, Neighborhood Services, Legal, and Fire Departments have been working diligently to force a decision on the future of this building.  Over one year ago, the City received an administrative search warrant to enter the building for inspection with a certified structural engineer.  A report was prepared and presented to the owner along with notice to condemn the property.  That action forced the owners into court to settle their ownership dispute and come to a joint resolution.   The City is hopeful that all or portions of the building can be saved and redeveloped.  This building represents a key piece to the continued redevelopment of Midtown and the East University Avenue TIF District.  The Planning and Development Department will be assisting the auction house in spreading the word about this sale in hopes of soliciting a willing redeveloper.  Questions about this building or the auction can be directed to T.J. Blakeman at 217-403-8800 or [email protected].