Spring Storms Trigger False Alarms – Avoid Fines by Keeping Alarm System Permits Current

Ronnie Lauria-Heugel, 217-403-6995
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Spring Storms Trigger False Alarms – Avoid Fines by Keeping Alarm System Permits Current


This notice comes as reminder to residents to register your alarm system, especially as the Spring Storm season is underway.  Heavy rain and high winds are often the culprit of false alarms and may cost hefty fines if your alarm system is not compliant with the City of Champaign Alarm Ordinance.

The City of Champaign Municipal Code requires residents and businesses within Champaign City limits to register their alarm systems at the time of installation and to make payment within 30 days of a billing notice for fines and annual renewal.

The one-time alarm registration permit is $50, with an annual reoccurring fee of $20.  This fee covers users for up to 3 false alarm activations and affords permit holders protection from high false alarm fees.  The following fee schedule applies:

Active permit holders are allowed 3 false alarm calls within a 12 month period before fines are imposed.

Failure to maintain compliance with the Ordinance will result in a $200 alarm fee for each false alarm that occurs during the period of non-compliance. Alarm holders who are not registered will be required to pay $100 for the one-time alarm registration permit.

The City has contracted with third-party vendor, “PMAM Corp.” to manage the alarm permits and false alarms tracking.

New permit registrations and renewals can be submitted via:

  • Phone: (888) 408-9026
  • Online: go to “Alarm Permits & Renewals” link at  www.champaignpolice.com
  • Direct mail: City of Champaign Alarm Program, P.O. Box 142375, Irving, TX 75014

Residents that receive an annual renewal letter that includes billing error are directed to contact Ronnie Lauria-Heugel of the Champaign Police Department, at 217-403-6995.