Vacant Structure Secured After Open to Intrusion

On February 22, Property Maintenance Inspector Susan Jones was doing a routine check on the vacant structure in the 700 block of West Vine Street and found it open to intrusion.  The home had previously been declared condemned in October 2015 due to a lack of electrical service.  At that time, the City found 3-4 individuals living in the home without utilities.  The City boarded and secured the home to prevent further habitation.

A City contractor was notified in the morning to re-secure the building.  By mid-afternoon, the contractor called me to let me know he witnessed someone going into the house.  Susan Jones contacted the Champaign Police Department to investigate the situation.  A young man was found to be trespassing in the home and removed from the premises.  The City contractor re-secured the building to prevent further incidents from happening.