City of Danville Requests Technical Assistance

On January 19, 2016,  Rehabilitation Technician Joe Lewis met with Randy Burgett (Urbana Rehabilitation Coordinator), Paul Storke (Danville Electrical Inspector), and Chris Milliken (Danville Planning and Urban Services Manager).  Danville staff requested the meeting as they are now responsible for rehabilitation work for the City of Danville.  Danville staff wanted to get a better understanding of how Champaign and Urbana operate our home rehabilitation programs, particularly in regards to lead-based paint issues.  Currently, Danville tests for lead prior to doing a project and but they are now considering assuming lead is present, similar to how Champaign and Urbana currently operate.  During the meeting, Danville staff shared ways they operate their program which might be helpful for Champaign to consider, including the utilization of iPads in the field and the incorporation of more documents in OneRoof.