Campus Move In-Out Cleanliness

The City of Champaign’s Neighborhood Code Compliance Staff will increase enforcement in the campus area the weeks of August 17 and August 24 in an attempt to prevent large accumulations of trash and overflowing dumpsters. Property owners will receive notices giving them short response times in which to remove accumulations of trash. If the trash remains after the abatement time period has passed, the City will cause the trash to be removed and the owner will be billed for all costs incurred, including an additional $100 administrative fee.

It is highly encouraged for property owners and tenants to participate in the Campus Move In-Out “Feed The Thing” event, a special project designed for recyclable cardboard. By diverting cardboard from the waste stream, it creates additional space in dumpsters for other municipal waste items and reduces the incidence of overflowing dumpsters. Based on the success of last year’s event, the City has extended cardboard recycling opportunities. Cardboard collection containers will be placed in the campus area August 14-24 for cardboard collection. Participants can take cardboard items to any of the locations on the attached flyer.

It is hoped that all property owners and students will make a concerted effort to keep the campus area clean during the fall semester move in-out period and properly dispose of waste and recyclable materials.

Contact: David Oliver, Code Compliance Manager | T: 217-403-7070 | email: [email protected]