City Announces Municipal Electric Aggregation Program

On June 4, the City of Champaign accepted a bid for Municipal Electric Aggregation (MEA) from Homefield Energy that is lower than the default Ameren rate. Beginning June 15, Homefield Energy will send opt-out letters to all qualifying Ameren account holders. Account holders will have until July 6, 2015 to opt-out of the aggregation program. All customers who are enrolled will receive a fixed rate of $0.05926 per kilowatt-hour. This includes 25% renewable energy from Homefield Energy. Ameren’s current default rate is $0.05966 (June to September) and $0.06211 (October to May). At the end of the opt-out period, all eligible residents and small businesses that have not opted-out will be switched over to the City’s new aggregation program electric rate. Ameren will continue distributing the power and sending the electric bill. There will be no change to your service and no one will come to your home to do anything.


Letter recipients will have until July 6, 2015 to opt out of the program by 1) Returning the opt-out postcard that will be enclosed with the materials that Homefield Energy and the City mails you concerning the electric aggregation program or; 2) Call Homefield Energy toll-free at 866-694-1262 FREE or; 3) Via email at [email protected]. More information about the program is available at and People with questions are encouraged to call the Homefield Energy toll-free hotline at 866-694-1262 FREE. Homefield Energy Customer Care is available 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Additional questions may be directed to the City of Champaign Public Works Department at (217) 403-4700 between the hours of 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.