Tree Removal – 803 N Prospect

In December 2014, a citizen complaint was received regarding a large tree that fell on the property located at 803 N Prospect. Environmental Inspector Kim Burnett inspected and found a large pine tree down in the front yard.  A Notice to Abate was issued to the owner but the letter was returned to the office. The owner had moved and left no forwarding address. In addition, the property was involved in a foreclosure process. Re-inspections continued to monitor the situation.

The tree was not abated by the City due to the expected cost and it was not presenting a hazard to pedestrians or blocking the sidewalk. In March, Inspector Burnett was able to make contact with the Loan Servicing Company regarding the tree. They assured Burnett that the tree would be removed and requested additional time to complete the task. On May 22, staff noted the tree had been removed.