City Crews Continue to Address Snowfall 03.01.15

City Crews Continue to Address Snowfall 

The City of Champaign Public Works Department continues to address the snowfall that fell overnight and this morning. NOAA snowfall totals this morning showed 9.5” of accumulation. According to Public Works Operations Manager Ernesto Salinas, “We are following the plans outlined in the City’s Snow and Ice Control Plan. Public Works staff has been working around the clock since 4:30pm Saturday. We will continue around the clock operations until the plan outlined in the snow and ice control plan is complete.” With this amount of accumulation, roads will continue to be covered with snow for longer than usual, but all roads will be addressed. All available equipment and personnel are on the roads and contractors have been brought in to assist staff.” Citizens are encouraged to take appropriate precautions when driving:  leave early, allow extra time to reach your destination, and be cautious around snowplows.

Since the City received more than two inches of snow, the Public Works Director will activate the Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance on Monday. Once the ordinance is activated, the information will be distributed via the City’s website and other local media. To view areas affected by this ordinance, please visit the City’s website. Citizens are reminded not to place snow cleared from their property into City streets. All citizens and businesses are encouraged to use today’s warmer weather to clear sidewalks as much as possible to allow for safer pedestrian travel. Anyone clearing driveways or sidewalks are reminded not to place snow from private property into the roadways. This can create hazardous obstacles for vehicles.

Public Works staff will continue to proactively monitor forecasts and to respond in a timely and efficient manner to threats of inclement weather. Citizens are encouraged to monitor the City’s website ( ), CGTV Cable Channel 5, and local media for information about street clearing activities. Whenever possible, Citizens are encouraged to keep City streets free of parked vehicles during this time to expedite plowing efforts and to utilize alternate off-street locations (such as the Hill Street Parking Deck in Downtown) in lieu of parking on the street.