Consolidated Plan Public Engagement

Neighborhood Coordinator, John Ruffin and Neighborhood Programs Manager, Kerri Spear met to discuss Consolidated Plan Public Engagement and working with registered a groups and the general public to illicit comments for the next draft Consolidated Housing Plan.  The following list of proposed dates will be used to generate input from the general public for strategies and goals the plan:

Dobbins Downs: 1/13
Non-profits: 1/15
City of Urbana: 1/27
Douglas Park (1): All Call 2/2
Leonhard Center (1): All Call 2/9
Beardsley Park: 2/10
NSAB: 2/12
Countrybrook: 2/13
Garden Hills: 2/16
Leonhard Center (2): All Call 3/30
Douglas Park (2): All Call 3/31
Taylor Thomas: TBD
Douglas Senior Group: TBD
Southwood/Greenmeadow: TBD