Surplus AV Equipment Finds a New Home

AV Surplus EquipmentDuring the fall of 2014, the City’s Information Technologies (IT) Department upgraded the old Council Chambers audio-visual equipment to new high-definition equipment.  IT staff evaluated the condition and resale value of the replaced (surplus) equipment, and sold five pieces of equipment on eBay for a total net income of $425.  Other equipment that was determined to have some useful life, but little resale value, was made available to other local government and non-profit agencies.  Nearly half of the usable equipment was donated in this manner, to groups like: Champaign Police, Champaign Public Library, Unit 4 Schools, Parkland College, UPTV-City of Urbana, Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club, Independent Media Center, Channing Murray Foundation, and Family Advocacy in Champaign County.  These agencies were very grateful for the City’s donation of the surplus equipment.  Equipment that wasn’t donated was responsibly recycled thru Habitat for Humanity and other area recyclers.

AV Surplus Equipment