Zone Champaign

Zone ChampaignZone Champaign is a project in the Planning and Development Department to update the City’s Zoning Ordinance.  The first phase of the update focuses on the districts in the core of the city including Downtown, Midtown, Campustown and the neighborhoods surrounding them.

Changes to be considered include the regulations for the design and scale of buildings as well as understanding how much density is appropriate in certain neighborhoods.  The project kicks off this month with an effort to get input on these issues and more.  Please visit the project website and participate by taking the survey and/or uploading your own photos and comments through the App. What are your thoughts?

  • Click here to take the survey.
  • Click here to visit the website.

The Planning and Development Department will be reaching out to the public over the course of the next three months to get feedback and to take the survey.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss the project further, contact Rob Kowalski, Assistant Director of the Planning and Development Department.