Upcoming Events to Affect Travel and Parking


The upcoming Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival in Downtown Champaign and the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show near the State Farm Center and Downtown Champaign, will affect travel and parking beginning Tuesday, June 24 – Monday, June 30. The City of Champaign wishes to provide information about these closures to inform citizens of the potential for affected travel during these times. The City encourages citizens to use alternative routes and alternative modes of transportation when possible.

Campus Area – Near the State Farm Center 

  • Fourth Street – between Kirby Ave and St. Mary’s Road – Closed Tuesday, June 24, 1pm – Sunday, June 30, 11pm
  • St. Mary’s Road – between First St. and Fourth St.. – Closed Wednesday, June 25, 1pm – Sunday, June 29
  • First Street – between Kirby and St. Mary’s Road – Closed Wednesday June 25, 1pm – 6pm
  • First Street – between Irwin Dr. and St. Mary’s Road AND Kirby Avenue between Oak St. and Fourth St. – Closed during the following time periods:
    • Thursday, June 26; 9am – 6pm
    • Friday, June 27; 6am – 6pm
    • Saturday, June 28; 6am – 6pm
    • Sunday, June 29; 7am – 6pm

Downtown Area 

  • The City parking lot located at Washington St. and Walnut St. – Closed Thursday, June 26, 3am – Monday, June 30, 5am
  • The following streets will be closed Friday, June 26, 6am to Sunday, June 29, 5pm
    • Walnut Street – between Market St. and Main St.
    • Washington Street – between Neil St. and Market St.
    • Hickory Street – between Columbia St. and Washington St.
    • Fremont Street (north of the News Gazette building to Washington St.)
  • On Saturday, June 28, 4pm – Sunday, June 29, 2am the following areas will also be closed off to traffic to allow for the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show to display Corvettes:
    • Neil Street – between Hill St. and University Ave. (University Ave will remain open for traffic)
    • Neil Street – between University Ave. and Clark St.
    • Park Street – between Randolph St. and Neil St.
    • Main Street – between Neil St. and Chestnut St.
    • Chester Street – between Neil St. and Market St.
    • Walnut Street – between Main St. and Chester St.
    • Market Street – between Main St. and University Ave.
    • Chestnut Street – between Main St. and University Ave.
    • The City parking lot located at Main St. & Market St.

Parking Information

  • The City parking lot at Neil St. and Washington St. will be available for public parking.
  • The Hill Street Parking Deck will be available for public parking until the deck reaches  capacity.
  • There are other City and private parking lots that may be available for parking. Please read  any signage upon entering the lot carefully to avoid ticketing and possible towing.

Other Closure Information
On Saturday, June 28 the Bloomington Gold Road Tour will occur from Champaign to Monticello starting at 6pm. This will cause temporary delays at certain intersections manned by the University of Illinois Police and the City of Champaign Police Departments. This will also include a temporary closure of Neil Street from University Avenue to Springfield Avenue while Corvettes are moved from south to north along Neil Street.