Public Works Service Requests

Citizens and City staff submitted 316 total requests during April 2014.  April’s count was very similar to March’s at 313 service requests.  The chart below tracks the number of requests recorded each day by staff.

Service Requests by Date

Citizens using the mobile phone application, SeeClickFix, reported 31 (9.8%) of the service issues.  Over half (19) of the SeeClickFix requests were requests for pothole repair.

Service Requests by Category

The Sewer Section received 80 (25%) of the service requests.  The Asphalt Section took second place for number of calls with 63 (20%) requests.  The Sewer Section also handled 49 (16%) miscellaneous requests for a total of 129 (41%) calls.

The most requested service was still for pothole repair with a total of 46 (14%) requests.  The second most frequent call was requesting assistance with 32 (10%) sewer backups.  In third place was the request for assistance for 23 (7%) flooding instances.