Sawgrass Lane Street Name Changed to Crimson

On March 16, 2014 Public Works sent a letter to all Sawgrass Lane residents notifying them of the street name change.

The new Crimson St.

The new Crimson St.

 All 16 local agencies currently on the address notice list were notified by email.  The Navteq, TeleAtlas, and TomTom mobile navigators were notified of the street name change via web interfaces.

On April 1, 2014 Public Works replaced the Sawgrass Lane street sign with a new Crimson Lane street sign.

On April 4, Public Works placed a temporary Sawgrass Lane sign below the Crimson Lane sign to aid a resident having a baby shower on April 5.  The guests were invited to the Sawgrass Lane address a month prior to the street name change.  The temporary sign will be removed May 1.

The United States Postal Service will continue to deliver Sawgrass Lane addressed mail up to one full year.